Promos for business, organisations and individuals

Video is more popular than ever, it dramatically increases engagement in your product/brand and is the future of online content. Did you know that the average user spends 88% more time on a web site with video? It’s an amazing converting and communication tool and is a must-have for any content and marketing strategy.

Video hits the sweet spot meeting viewers and consumers halfway. Your audience will remember a stunning engaging promo video than a page full of text!

We will look at your brief, make suggestions and tailor it to your audience, whether that’s with interviews, drone footage, or beautifully shot slow motion. The aim of our videographer and editors is to make stunning promotional video content that will have your audience staying until the last second.

Business promo video


CLIENT: The Victory Services Club

BUDGET: Under £5500 

PROVIDED: Camera, gimbal, lights, edit, graphics, music


On the run up to the shoot we worked with the VSC and their busy schedule to work out where we needed to be and on what day to make the most of the time scale.

We shot over the course of a week, sometime in the evening to film events. We had to be fast and efficient in most cases, for instance the chef shots, we had to work around service so had minutes to capture what we needed.

Artist promo video


CLIENT: Benjamin Hope

BUDGET: Under £2000

PROVIDED: Camera, gimbal, lights, edit, graphics, music


We shot over two half days, not including a meeting we had with Ben before the shoot to talk about key points that should or should not be included. Once we had decided to kep topics, we decided to not script it to keep it more natural on the day of the interview shoot.


Filming outdoors always comes with its own challenges but with our shot list and a plan, we were able to quickly capture all the shots we needed in 1.5 hours, with only a few minor interruptions from the public!