Benjamin Hope is an artist, drawing and painting directly from life, both in his studio and 'on plein air.' He wanted a video producing to both assist and inform applications to exhibitions and to give a general understanding to his audience what his approach to his art involved.

We shot over two days, not including a session we had with Ben off-camera, to talk about key points that should or should not be included, all the time trying to give an insight into the process of his art.

As is often the case, Ben was new to filming and the principles of shooting an interview, but after a few cups of tea Ben settled into the rhythm and we both were happy with the interview footage we filmed.

For the outdoors filming, which always comes with its own challenges, we had a shot list and a plan which enabled us to quickly capture all the shots we needed in 1.5 hours, with only a few minor interruptions from the public!

  • CLIENT: Benjamin Hope
  • PROVIDED: Camera, lights, script prep, music