There won’t be many video production companies that have a background in filmmaking as we have. The idea of setting up Save the Dog was born on the set of Episode 1 of The League of Gentlemen while Jon was a 3rdAD watching Steve Pemberton struggle to hold an overweight dog. From there he starting to make short films, including Frites starring Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones, Upstart Crow) and was awarded money by The Film Council to make drama I Luv Matt Johnson which was shown in film festivals across the UK, including winning an award for Best Film at Renderyard.

We believe that our background in filmmaking always informs the video content we produce.

Music Video/Performance


CLIENT: Jessica DeGiudici

BUDGET: Under £2000

PROVIDED: Camera, lights, dolly, PA system, edit


Vintage jazz singer Jessica DeGiudici required a video to help obtain more exposure and to create more content on her web site and YouTube channel. We discussed what song we thought worked well and then proceeded to put a shot list together.

On the day our small crew rocked up, set down a dolly, crane (thought we didn’t use it!) and worked though close ups, mids and wides.

Short film comedy - 'Frites'



PRODUCER: Amanda Cuttell/Jon Garbett

DOP: Steve Smith

MARIE-ANNE: Gemma Whelan

CLAUDE: Christopher Dingli


Starring Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones/Upstart Crow), Frites tells the story of Claude who has an unhealthy obsession with food, but when Marie Anne decides to finally confront him about it, events take a decidedly strange turn.