Engaging mini documentary promos


Mini documentary films are highly effective. Produced with our awesome film crew they can promote, engage and increase your audience and ROI. What makes the mini doc’s particularly effective is that you genuinely and naturally capture your audience attention while subtly re-enforcing your brand and ethos.


Behind the scenes videos are becoming more and more popular with the rise of stories on Instagram for instance, and these quick one to 3 minute videos are a perfect way of retaining and winning more of your target demographic.

Mini docs are particularly effective for small businesses and individuals where building brand trust and a connection to your audience is high on your list of goals.


Luckily for you we have a history of Short Films so we can work with you to create a story that is beautiful, informative and highly sharable.

Artsist promo


CLIENT: Benjamin Hope

BUDGET: Under £2000


We shot over two half days, not including a meeting we had with Ben before the shoot to talk about key points that should or should not be included. Once we had decided on key topics, we decided to not script it to keep it more natural on the day of the interview shoot.


For the outdoors filming, this always comes with its own challenges but with our shot list and a plan, we were able to quickly capture all the shots we needed in 1.5 hours, with only a few minor interruptions from the public!

Too much? Need a simpler interview we can complete in a day?