Whether a music and food festival, conference or party, event highlights videos are an effective and attention-grabbing way for you to create a buzz surrounding your event. It can help convey the energy of your organisation or showcase your brand, creating a lasting record for your employees internally or building your audience externally. They look great on social media too.

Time is precious right? Well like all of our video content you can be involved as little or as much as you require. With event highlights films, you really don’t need to get involved to much before the day itself. Tell us the details of the event, the tone, a rough edit length and let our creativity run wild!

It may be that you decide to insert some vox pops or more formal interviews into the footage, no problem, we can take care of that too.

Severndroog Castle 'Lates' Highlights Promo


  • CLIENT: Sevendroog Castle Preservation Trust
  • BUDGET: Under £1000



We were asked to produce an upbeat ‘Instagram-able’ video promo that would capture the heart and tone of their series of ‘Sevendroog Lates’ –  ticketed events with food, drink and entertainment.

We started bold with a drone shot and strong graphics, then mixed it up with statics and gimbal work, all to an upbeat attention grabbing mix of music and images.


We can't wait to learn more about your exciting event. Tell us all about it. Where is it? What date? How long would like us for? What's the turn around time? Can we access special areas to film better shots?


We can't wait to show the buzz of your event.